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MCQ Question

Category: 8. মেমোরি

Practice Exam

1. What does DMA stand for?
2. Which one is the largest in terms of capacity in the computer memory?
3. নিম্নের কোনটির স্পিড সবচেয়ে বেশি?
4. In computers, bus width is measured in...
5. কম্পিউটারের ক্ষেএে তথ্য পরিবহনের জন্য পরিবাহী পথকে বলা হয়-
6. নিচের কোন মাধ্যমে তথ্য সংরক্ষণ করা যায়?
7. PROM chips-
8. Which is the largest unit of storage in computer?
9. The information stored is storage devices can be accessed in-
10. One character is represented by-
11. ......register Connected to the Processor bus is a single-way transfer capable.
12. Data access time depends on-
13. Nibble describes a bits combinations of -
14. The word length of a computer is measured in-
15. Which of the following is related to memory of a computer?
16. What is the following components has the highest risk failure?
17. Which is equivalent to1 GB?
18. Memory Unit is a part of -
19. What is the unit of measurement for drive access time?
20. What is the standard storage capacity of a CD-ROM dise?