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MCQ Question

Category: General

Practice Exam

1. the following authors, who wrote as epic?
2. “The Sun Also Rises' is a novel written by
3. The best word stands for Abstract noun is-
4. 'Caesar and Cleopatra' is
5. ‘Gitanjali' of Rabindranath Tagore was translated by
6. National Fruit?
7. A formal composition or speech expressing “high praise of somebody
8. Who has written the play ‘Volpone'?
9. Who is the auther of "A Farewell to Arms"? 
10. Which of the following writers belongs to the romantic period in English literature?
11. Which of the following books is written by Thomas Hardy?
12. The literary term 'euphemism' means
13. The literary work ‘Kubla Khan' is
14. ‘Paradise Lost attempted to
15. what kind of noun is "Cattle"? 
16. London town is found a living being in the works of
17. The romantic age in English literature began with the publication of
18. Find the odd-man out
19. The soldiers were rewarded for their bravery. Which class of noun bravery' belongs to-
20. Which group of words is collective noun?