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MCQ Question

Category: 3. The Pronoun

Practice Exam

1. When friends insist on expensive gifts, it makes most people uncomfortable.
2. Which is the correct sentence?
3. He killed himself. Here 'himself is-
4. Find out the correct sentence.
5. Which one of the following is reflexive pronoun ?
6. One, some, any, many, none are-
7. Which is the correct sentence?
8. It is correct to say _
9. He was reading a book, the name of _that which I have forgotten.
10. Choose the right pronoun in the blank:, boys want to hit it big.
11. _are you doing?
12. Do it yourself. What kind of pronoun 'yourself' is?
13. The book author won a Pulitzer has become a bestseller.
14. Choose the correct option: Take _ time.
15. Mr. Zaman prides himself on his son's success.
16. They are two brothers, but _of them was honest.
17. I haven't met Mr. Sattar, painting you admire so much.
18. Any, Anyone, Some, Someone, are-
19. Identify the correct sentence.
20. Choose the correct sentence: