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MCQ Question

Category: 4. The Verb

Practice Exam

1. You should attend _your lessons
2. He (to lie) on the bed in the last noon
3. কোন শব্দটি verb ?
4. some people had tried to escape in boats when the river _its bank
5. He passed a (write) order
6. Past Participate of 'sing' is -
7. The word 'respond' is
8. Reading history makes one wise .Here 'reading' is-
9. You have missed a lot of lessons and you may find it difficult to catch _ with the rest of the class
10. The teacher _the rolls
11. My mother makes me take the medicine .' what type of verb 'make' in the following sentence is ?
12. How did you come _the watch ?
13. Students should be attentive _their lessons
14. Which one is used both as both as auxiliary and principal verb ?
15. His pride has- his ruin
16. Your report bears out his history
17. The principal desired the notice to _
18. He took shelter under a tree .Here the verb 'took' is _
19. I(to lay) the book on the table
20. What is the past participate from of the word "Abide"?